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Why am I Gay?

It doesn’t matter. No seriously…. I just am. Maybe it’s biological, maybe it was chemical imbalance’s in my moms pregnancy. Maybe I was a bratty child. 277 more words


Born (Again) This Way

This is my story.

I was sold a lie. And I bought it—not knowing what it would cost me. I am one of seven children, and I never had any brothers. 1,526 more words

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Hello Beauties! So for today I will be doing a review on this fabulous foundation that I just got from Too Faced Cosmetics. It is the… 523 more words


Too Faced Born This Way

Too Faced’s Born This Way has officially launched!  (I realized I saved this as a draft – OOPS!)

The purported effects are pretty stunning if they hold true – but then so many formulations these days (for lips, face, body…!) are design to specifically “blur” the areas we are least fond of.   43 more words


Happiness in a Bottle of Self-Acceptance

When I was a bit younger I had a tendency of becoming a people-pleaser. I loved the attention given to me and I loved how they give me of such importance. 388 more words

Online Journal

Friday Favorites

Hello fangirls! It’s Friday! TIGF!! I thought that I would use Friday to talk about some of my favorite things and this week I thought I would talk about some of my favorite albums! 639 more words

Born This Way

The Challenges of Seeking Acceptance.

Unfortunately, I continue to struggle with acceptance. I am a gay man who cannot feel at home. Back in 2012, my parents confronted me on my sexuality. 619 more words

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