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Why zinc button fly turned white.

Chemical properties of zinc

Zinc is a fairly active element. It dissolves in both acids and alkalis. An alkali is a chemical with properties opposite those of an acid. 82 more words

Vintage Denim Jeans

Vintage Levis 501 - All Sizes

Can you guess what year this article was from?

70s Vintage 505 Orange Tab Denim

Can you guess what year this article was from?

Levi's 501XX 1944

Levi’s vintage look is back! My 1944 501XX and 1955 sawtooth denim shirt. My 501 is 4 years old. 6 washes. My first pair of hand-painted denim “Dove”. 17 more words

Vintage Denim Jeans

Aussiebums under my new 501s

It’s been a rather busy week again at the office and I’ve managed to squeeze a pool session in and a bit of cycling but after a rather long day at the office today I only managed a short ride via Putney then home and got home about 8.30. 573 more words


mother's day dress: who wore it best

i had an awesome mother’s day.  it’s starting to get pretty hot here in the central valley, so the kids and i have been scoping out shaded parks.   911 more words