You're Such A Lady(boy)

In the Sultan’s Service is my shout-out to Ian Flemming, hey, how’s it going Double-O-Seven.  Brock Bishop is the spy who shagged you.  He’s clever, he’s efficient, he’s diabolical and he has learned twenty languages just so that he can say, “as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit,” around the globe. 844 more words

Forced Feminization

Big Pimping

Once your wife has you in panties and begging her for more cock, what’s next for a sissy cuckold who aims to please?

Well, your wife could definitely use a little extra cash, couldn’t she?   697 more words

Forced Feminization

Sissy Talk

Her name is Kimmy and she’s a hot, blonde that I’ve discovered I have a lot in common with.  Kimmy agreed to let me interview her and she along with several other girls have been so wonderful about sharing their sissy side.   1,141 more words


Emasculating Nathan

One of the more devious joys I get from cuckolding Nathan, is emasculating him privately and in public. Nothing thrills me more than ordering him to wear my pink g-string under his jeans when we’re about to go out, and then slyly lifting his top to expose his sissy secret. 657 more words


Sexy Bitch

They say that the heart wants what it wants but when it comes to the dick, it seems like the little head is much more fickle. 311 more words


Sissy That Walk -- And Everything Else

It usually doesn’t take long for a new sissy to realize that being a girl is actually hard work.  Even for those of us fortunate enough to be born that way, we don’t wake up photo ready.   363 more words

Forced Feminization

Your Wife is Having a Fabulous Weekend

She is really a great woman, isn’t she?  So supportive of you and your, what does she call it?  Little fixation with her panties and whatnot?   195 more words

Alpha Male