A Sissy Story

(Originally posted January 30, 2014)

It was the feast of the Winter Solstice, and the Queen had summoned the nearby Lords and Ladies to her winter palace to celebrate a good season of harvest. 1,431 more words

Lady Dane

Hot Ladyboys

Just because.  It’s Monday and I love her corset.  You know she wouldn’t have to ask you twice to take that thick shaft down to the balls.

Big Cocks

Naked on Sunday

Yeah, good morning to you too.  I love watching two men get it on and I figured, it’s not like I’m going to church or anything.   72 more words

Alpha Male

The Power of the Cock

I occasionally get emails from readers and please — keep them coming — I love hearing from you.  Is it totally fucked up that I love to hear your confessions?   475 more words

Alpha Male

There's Something About Carrie - Part 1

Corey knew that it was a bad idea to go to the strip club with his buddies – especially after promising his girlfriend that he would behave himself.   250 more words

New Series

Feminization and You

Are You a Secret Crossdresser?

Shhh… Be very quiet. Don’t catch anyone’s attention or somehow tell on yourself or give yourself away. You have a secret, and you cannot let anyone else know, lest it should ruin your image, relationships, family life, career, social life, and more. 304 more words