On being a sissy...

I am hoping to use this blog for a number of things. One is to share some of my writing and the ideas I have for it. 595 more words

Rose Satin

An introduction to service

So, this is my blog.

I am Rose Satin. At least that is the name Mistress Sakura gave me when I entered her service. I am male by birth, a cross dresser and sissy slut by kink and I serve my Mistress as a female. 114 more words

Rose Satin

Destined to Serve - Chapter 5

So I get back to my desk and start reading the document. I start to enjoy the work forgetting why I was doing it, I feel better that I got to read something meaningful. 2,119 more words


Sissy Bondage - How about some pet play?

Hello Gurls,

So how was your weekend? Did you try any of my tasks? No? I am sure they are fun you should try it once. 316 more words


Sissy task - How about some rubbing?

Hello Gurls!!

How are you doing? So have you been reading my story? Do you feel like it would be better if you were sexy secretary instead of your male self? 151 more words


Panties at work!

Hello gurls!

So I have mentioned earlier too that I like to wear panties under my work clothes and feel sexy all day!

I am wearing full lace pink panties today, but it is very different today as it was because my wife wanted me to wear it. 56 more words


Destined to Serve - Chapter 4

On my way home, as I drive to the cyber café I think about the events and what just happened with me. I had moved to this city some 5 years back for the job in the same company, I had been working hard since to work my way up in the company. 1,058 more words