Sissy Homecoming

Four days with the family.  It can be a great time to reconnect and kick off the holiday season…oh god, excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth. 329 more words

Alpha Male

Meeting My Step-Brother

My step-dad told me that my step-brother would be moving back home for a while and that I ought to consider him an alpha male as well and he asked me if I remember what the rules are regarding an alpha male.   89 more words

Alpha Male

Filthy Mommy - Part 5

Mommy slid her hand down her beautiful body and said, “baby, there’s something I need to tell you.  You’re a beta male too, just like your Daddy was and it’s time we start your sissy training.” 249 more words


Filthy Mommy - Part 4

I asked Mommy the other night why all of the girls like my friend Brian and not me.  Even my own Mommy loves to suck Brian’s big dick and she called me into her room to explain.   266 more words


Just Admit It, Sissy

The change was subtle, one day you’re looking at the Victoria Secret’s ads and thinking, “damn, she’s hot.”  Not long after, you started noticing the color of the panties, the cut of the bras, the sheen of the fabric and which kind of underwire gives the best cleavage. 67 more words

Alpha Male

When She Was Bad

Sure, sure we all know that men say that they’re looking for a “nice girl” to settle down with.  But until that happens, we also know that you’d rather spend your time with a nasty, naughty girl.   301 more words

Forced Feminization